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Australia Day

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, 26th January we celebrate Australia Day (previously known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day and ANA Day), and also referred to as Invasion Day by several groups within Australian society, is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, the day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788, the hoisting of the British flag there, and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Australia Day is an official public holiday in every state and territory of Australia, although it is seen as controversial by some Australians, who see it as a celebration of the destruction of Indigenous Culture by British colonialism. There have been significant protests from and on behalf of the Indigenous Australian community, including, since 1988, “Invasion Day” protests. In light of these concerns, proposals to change the date of Australia Day have been made. As the date also marks the anniversary of the Rum Rebellion in 1808, Australia Day may be viewed as a commemoration of the only military coup in Australian history. This last view parallels a sort of Independence Day.

Have a look at this Australian woman explaining something about her place…

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