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NEWS A website with news about Spain in English, you can click in the map and get the information from your favourite region

BBC World news The very up-to-date world service with news from all round the world A good magazine with features on current affairs

MOVIES An independent website with news, reviews and trailers on the latest movie reviews

GOSSIP Glossy pics of celebrities, perfect when you want to give your brain a rest. Get the right look for every occasion. Little brain activity Everything you never knew you wanted to know. Strictly for idle brains

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Great pictures and articles on nature

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TED is a series of talks given by world experts on a variety of topics. Their success formula lies on their short duration of the talks (apparently our concentration span lasts around 20 minutes) and the amazing speakers that they use that make their topic accessible to the common spectator.So from Nobel and Pulitzer winners to celebrities like Bill Gates or Bill Clinton they bring us their message in clear words and in short. Also the fact that they offer subtitles helps with concentration

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