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Gourmet’s Pick

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a tour of some top restaurants made by the most discerning palates in Elche.


Games We All Used to Play

Our dearest fuddy-duddies in Avanzado 1 jog their past childhood memories and provide a nostalgic reminder about how much fun they had playing all time childhood games a few years ago (or rather a few decades ago for some of us, I’m afraid).

Let this month’s issue inspire parents and grandparents to encourage their children and grandchildren to get out and play the old-fashioned way.

Attached, there is a quick and easy guide for children to find fun games to play, have a nice read!

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Fun New Destinations

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Thank you all for your great imagination. Great work! Click below to find out more about each of these top holiday destinations, where would you go on your next holidays?

Cockroach land


Kenzoki island







Rati Culin


Youmba Town

Macarena island

Favourite tourist itineraries

February 5, 2010 1 comment

These are your contributions to a personal tourist itinerary. These are the places where you will take your special friends to. I hope they like them!

Click here to read the tailor made itineraries

Christmas stories. And the winner is…

December 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Christmas story competition. You made it very hard for the judges to reach a veredict. However, in the end they made a choice based upon originality as well as quality of language and narrative style. And the winner was…Jordi Bermejo with an accomplished story with echoes of The Sopranos.

You can read this and some of the other shortlisted stories by clicking here

Happy reading!

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Comparisons…what else?

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Check your work in this month’s issue, comparisons… what else?

However, comparing Yourself to others is not wise.

We continually wonder, “How am I doing; am I good enough?” How else can we answer the question but to look around and see how others are doing? Others are our reference points and we compare. Compared to others, how do we rate on looks, intelligence, personality, income, accomplishment? School provides excellent training in comparing. Our test results and grades were on the “curve.” our success or failure depended on how well others did. In school the focus was not progress, but comparison.

We all tend to use a vertical scale where others are either above or below us. Those above remind us of our own inferiority and we react with envy or fear.  On the other hand, those we deem below us generate a spark of slippery superiority and more than a pinch of pride.

Yet it is said it is not wise, Geneticists tell us no one has ever had a duplicate of our genes. Sociologists tell us no one has a duplicate of our experience.  How can one compare if each one  isunique, matchless? How can the incomparable be compared?

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Casting files

November 17, 2009 4 comments

absloute-reality-tvCould you please help me choose among these talented people? I’m looking for someone who’ll make a good contestant in a prime time reality show. Who would you pick? Check my file 1 and file 2 and help me out, please!

Leave a comment on it!

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