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Spanish cuisine

Even though we disseminate mostly the culture of the English-speaking world in this blog we could not talk about food and not mention the wonders of our cuisine.


The restaurant that has been elected  the top restaurant in the world for the last 5 years is the Spanish restaurant “El Bulli” run by Ferrán Adriá who has  brought a new dimension to cooking. Here you can watch him demonstrating one of his most famous techniques ““, a translator does a consecutive translation of his words. I dare you to beat her.

He has many followers and a few detractors who don´t appreciate his innovative style. Check this funny sketch from Muchachada Nui

However, probably the most popular Spanish chef is Karlos Arguiñano with his down-to-earth approach and his easy TV manner. There is a terrible mistake in his English entry of Wikipedia which only confirms we must take things we read on the Internet with  a pinch of salt. As Mark Twain said when reading his obituary in the newspaper “News of my death has been greatly exaggerated”. He explains in Spanish in this interview his feelings about cooking.

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