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Looking for a flat

When looking for a flat, newspapers or the Internet are great sources of information since most people advertise their homes there.

An effective add must include all key elements regarding the description of it. If you miss an important detail, a prospective home buyer/tenant might pass over your home listing.

Important points to cover are:

  • Property address.
  • Sales price.
  • Number of bedrooms and baths.
  • Year the home was built.
  • Style of home & number of stories
  • Square footage /meters.
  • Acreage or lot size.
  • Name of subdivision or location.
  • Other rooms: family-den-media-library, etc.
  • Type of flooring.
  • Type of garage.
  • Features such as fireplace or pool.
  • Appliances.

Use descriptive adjectives that convey emotion and evoke imagery. Help possible buyers/tenants imagine themselves living in your home. Describe distinctive qualities such as the:

  • Architectural design of your home
  • Entertainment options
  • Special amenities and upgrades
  • Nearby shopping, restaurants, attractions

Describe Buyer Features & Benefits

Features are a description of the home. Benefits are how the buyer/tenant will use that feature. A benefit makes the feature personal, and it’s what sells homes. Don’t just inform, instead, illustrate. For example:

  • Feature: Fenced yard –> Benefit: Privacy, sunning area, place for pets to play, lush lawn to run barefoot on, room for a pool, space to grow fresh vegetables or plant flower gardens.
  • Feature: Dual pane windows –> Benefit: Lower utility bills, energy efficiency gives peace of mind to environmentally concerned consumers, warmer in winter and cooler in summer, low maintenance, easy to operate and clean.
  • Feature: Gourmet kitchen –> Benefit: Professional tools for serious cooks, makes meal preparation fun and enjoyable, impress friends with state-of-the-art equipment, space to display cookware and books, convenience and time-saving devices, simplified care and maintenance, beauty and eye-appealing design makes the kitchen a comfortable and inviting workspace.

However, ads can be a bit discouraging because of their encrypted language: a glossary of abbreviations can help us smooth our way to the information it includes. Try and decipher these sample ads and, if desperate, check the key.

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