It’s Halloween time!

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. The day is often associated with orange and black, and is strongly associated with symbols like the jack-o’-lantern. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating , wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

Watch This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas and complete the reading comprehension below it.

Click on the following link to download the exercise and try and fill in the gaps: This is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Check the key if in doubt.

And what about you? Take these tests to check if Halloween may turn you into: a werewolf? or maybe a witch?

Tell us about your experience!!

  1. Ricardo
    November 2, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Very amusing that town of Halloween

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